Tuesday 9 September 2014

New version of XQuery plugin released

New version of plugin has been released. You can check the changelog here.
Changes include things that I'm sure many people waited for.

MarkLogic extended syntax

The most interesting part for most will be much better support for MarkLlogic extended syntax!
Details can be seen below.

This syntax is treated as valid as long as the version declaration points to "1.0-ml" or "0.9-ml". If it points to any other version then it will be marked as error (see below).

In case you don't want to specify version and just rely on the default version of your MarkLogic server you can always set the used dialect to MarkLogic in XQuery settings (File -> Settings -> XQuery -> Other options).

Out of all MarkLogic extended syntax features two are not supported yet:

  • Semi-Colon as Transaction Separator
  • Importing a Stylesheet Into an XQuery Module

Editor colours

New positions were added to already existing list of possible coloured elements.

With these new options you can make the elements that you focus on really stand out!

If you like the new changes and the plugin in general please let other people know!
Vote for IntelliJ XQuery plugin in JetBrains Repository (it's really simple! Just go the link and click Comment and rate).

I hope you enjoy new changes! Please raise github issues for any features that you think are missing or stuff that works not as it should (I'm sure I'm not using all the stuff that people are using). Or simply leave a comment here.


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